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Armanov Buffer

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  • Buffer Variation

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Counterweight System

Buffer works by moving mass in the opposite direction. This system allows extreme recoil reduction, which increases precision, especially in fast follow-up shots or full auto mode.


Quick Disassembly and Tuning

Partial assembly or disassembly can be done with supplied wrenches, which enable easier maintenance and fine-tuning by adding or removing metal beads inside the inner tube.

Drop-In Design 

The buffer is designed to fit perfectly inside an A2 buffer tube. Make sure to follow the instructions to ensure proper functioning.


AR-15 with A2 Buffer Tube

Chambered in .223 REM / 5.56 NATO, 300 BLK

We recommend using AR-15 trigger with leaner hammer geometry. Hammer in cocked/down position should have enough clearance for buffer insertion.

What Comes in the Box?

1 x Armanov Buffer Assembly

Made from Stainless Steel

2 x Assembly Wrench

Made from Zinced Steel

2 mm Metal Beads

with dosing funnel

1 x Breakthrough Battle Born Grease

with PTFE

1 x Hex Key 5 mm

1 x Vulkolan Damper

1 x Spare Buffer Spring

Before first use, please read the provided instruction manual carefully.

Instruction Manual in PDF


⌀24.5 x 250 mm


 245 g (without metal beads)

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