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Ultimate Upgrade Pack for Dillon XL650 - USA

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    Save 20% with this pack instead of buying components separately.

    1 x Quick Disconnect for Dillon Powder Measure

    Quick and tool-less removal and installation of Dillon Powder

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    1 x Primer Stop Switch for Dillon XL650

    The switch turns ON and OFF the index by passing the indexing lever on the primer feed assembly.

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    1 x Clickable Powder Thrower Adjustment Knob (for Small Powder Bar)

    Armanov Clickable Dillon Precision Powder Thrower Adjustment Knob easily allows the user to hand adjust the powder dispenser without the need for tools. Unlike other competitors, Armanov button is laser cut with 50 gradations. It's giving the user reference points when adjusting.

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    1 x Primer Chute For Spent Primers with Holder and Bottle

    Primer chute for spent primers replaces the blue plastic spent primer cup and bracket on the Dillon XL650/750 reloading press. It completely covers the spent primer ejection port, creating a fully enclosed pathway for spent primers.

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    1 x Aluminum Ball Bearing Roller handle for Dillon XL650 - XL750, RL550 and Square Deal

    Ball Bearing Roller Handle for Dillon reduces operator fatigue during long reloading sessions and makes primer seating easier.

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    1 x Index Bearing Cam Block with Primer Depth Stop for Dillon XL650

    This is a premium upgrade that smooths the action for the index cam and removes the need for grease on the index pawl.

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    1 x LED Lighting Module for Dillon XL650/750, S1050/RL1100

    The bright dual LED drop in module helps you easily check your work while its minimalistic design ensures an unobstructed workspace.

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    1 x Mirror for Dillon Case Feeder

    Mirror for case feeder is a simple solution for keeping control of quantity of cases inside case feeder.

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    1 x Powder Baffle for Dillon Powder Measure

    Powder Baffle for Dillon is a must have reloading accessory that dramatically increases powder load consistency and accuracy.

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